CKB offers a variety of functions not available from other trading companies,
thanks to our engineering and technical service network.

Our sales engineers have the knowledge and experience to be recognized as professionals in the field. Customers sometimes ask them for advice in planning and design new product and its manufacturing method, in fact.
They listen carefully to customer needs, and relay them to your people. As a result, you are able to offer them the machine perfect for their requirements.

In other words, we do much more than just wait for customers to call us. By providing information on the latest global trends and technologies, we function as an engineering firm from the initial planning and design stages, proposing the most efficient and effective approaches simultaneously.

We form special teams for each piece of machinery. Because these lateral teams are formed across organizational and position lines, we refer to them as "cross-functional" teams.
The cross-functional team provides the most effective information for machinery sales. Specialists receive sales training from the manufacturer, and provide the team with the latest information.
The sales engineer in charge of that customer feeds back customer requirements to the team so that the latest information is always shared among team members.